prefer a dual-file db for DDNS

Duane Voth duanev at
Mon Mar 13 16:30:59 UTC 2000

How are static IPs added to DNS when running the Dynamic update
dhcpd server?  I've been stopping named, editing the (messy) db
files by hand, and restarting named.

If there is a better way please reply.

If there isn't, let me suggest that dynamic db entries be kept in
a file separate from the existing db files.  Ex:

	# cat db.10.2.3
	3       86400   IN      NS      ;Cl=5
	        86400   IN      NS      dnshost.ispX.Com.   ;Cl=5
	        86400   IN      SOA
hostmaster.ispX.Com. (
	                2000011689 10800 3600 604800 86400 )    ;Cl=5
	254     86400   IN      PTR    ;Cl=5
	1       86400   IN      PTR ;Cl=5
	2       86400   IN      PTR ;Cl=5

then in another file:

	# cat db.10.2.3-dyn
	100     86400   IN      PTR ;Cl=5
	101     86400   IN      PTR ;Cl=5

the -dyn file could be loaded immediately after loading the static
config file.  This would make re-configuration chores simpler as we
(or config utilities) would only have to modify files that don't
change.  (wouldn't even have to take down named to do it either - just
SIGHUP it when finished)

(note: I am only listening to the dhcp-server at list right now)


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