Newbie MX problem

chris at chris at
Mon Mar 13 18:46:11 UTC 2000

Hi all,

I have a domain named '', and I've added an MX line in my
datafile that says this:	MX	10 lurch

where lurch is my mail hub. The problem is, sending to e.g.
chris at results in this error:

  554 MX list for points back to
  554 <chris at>... Local configuration error

I searched the archives for this, and I found a the same question raised
just a few days ago. The answer was that his mail hub wasn't set up for
relaying, and mine isn't either. However, could anyone explain the problem
in a little greater detail? I'd like to actually know what's going on at
lurch when the email is sent.

I assume the problem is this:

1) By default lurch isn't going to accept amil to anyone except, so it's going to reject requests to process email
sent to chris at

2) By changing lurch's, I can fix that

I'm guessing that I fix thsat through the Cw (or Fw)

Is this the case? If what I have is 100% a sendmail problem, then I'll take
it from there.


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