next gen h2n

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 13 19:25:15 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Kevin" == kevinm  <kevinm at> writes:

    Kevin> Just out of curiousity (SP?), if this is a *nix environment
    Kevin> (which it appears it must be) would there be a good reason
    Kevin> not to setup NIS so you wouldn't HAVE to maintain the
    Kevin> /etc/hosts file on every one of 100 computers?

Apart from the notorious unreliability of NIS and the fact it's
riddled with security holes, none whatsoever. Or the confusion of NIS
domains with DNS domains or NIS implementations that do DNS lookups
when they feel like it, etc, etc....

As a general rule, I recommend using DNS for everything to do with
name to address mapping. /etc/hosts is generally empty on my machines:
I hardwire things like interface addresses and default routes in the
boot time scripts that need them before the name server is started.

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