How can I make DNS with Proxy Function ?

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Tue Mar 14 08:58:39 UTC 2000

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Subject:  How can I make DNS with Proxy Function ?

Hi, All!

I have the problem on testing DNS caching servers(BIND 8.2.2)
which process DNS query packet redirected from L4 switch.

  DNS caching servers work like below.
    1. Local DNS server sends the DNS query packet outside network.
    2. L4 Switch catch this packet(all DNS query packet).
    3. L4 switch converts the source and destionation address of IP header
       to the address of L4 switch and DNS caching server and saves original
    4. L4 switch sends this packet to DNS caching server.
    5. DNS caching server resolves this query and send the packet to L4 switch.
    6. L4 switch converts the source and destination address of IP header
       to original address and send the paceket to local DNS server.

But I can't use this proxy function of L4 switch any more,
because of performance of L4 switch.
- session of port is available up to 64,000/sec without the proxy function,
and is available up to 32,000/sec with the proxy function.

To resolve this problem, I try to make DNS caching server process this proxy
(like Web Cache Server, Ex: SQUID)
So, I'd like to know what I have to do for it is whether to change BIND source
code or
to make new daemon program.
If the first is right, I still wonder which part I have to change.
And If not, I'd like to know the side effect of NAMED.

Thanks for your help.

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