DNS - Did We Get It Right?

unoriginal_username at my-deja.com unoriginal_username at my-deja.com
Tue Mar 14 05:02:37 UTC 2000

I was just curious to know if anyone has bothered to tackle the global
naming problem head on from a renaissance perspective.

It seems that most technologies that support the Internet seem to
evolve in a mushy, chaotic, patchy, duct tape sort of fashion (which
certainly adds to the glamour of it), but as far as I know, no one has
ever taking the time to ask the simple question:

"Hey, did we do this thing DNS right?"

While wading through gobs and gobs of DNS nasties on Windows and Unix,
I find myself silently asking this question over and over.

We all know that the domain of viable software is much wider than the
domain of well-designed viable software, and I was just curious if
there is anyone else out there who is wondering whether we got the
whole DNS thing right the fist time around.

If so, then why so much effort to "fix" it?

If not, what could be better if we had a second chance?

How do we know when somethinng as complex as DNS is "done right" (or at
least is on the virtuous path)?


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