Neophyte in a conundrum

Jared Johnson jared.johnson at
Tue Mar 14 18:12:06 UTC 2000

> >1. We're running Bind 8 on a Linux machine (SuSE 6.2)
We're on RHL 6.1 w/ BIND 822p5
> >2. No changes have been made to my nameserver, and none were made
> >prior to the current trouble.
Same here.
> >3. After the first incident, things seem to have cleared up on their
> >own for about a week, then went south again.
It is sparatic at these sites as well, that's why I think it's on their end.
> >4. I've restarted the named, attempted to flush any cached
> >information, and used dig to update my cache.db file.
Didn't help I know:)
> >5. I did add another nameserver on another network to my resolv.conf
> >file, which allows the server itself to resolve the address, but it
> >still won't do it for other machines on the network.
It shouldn't.  This is where the forwarders statement works.
> >6. The address we are trying to get to is behind a firewall, and does
> >seem to have port53 closed off.
> Are you referring to the address of the web server or the nameserver?
> 53 is used to talk to nameservers.  Is the nameserver for the hostname in
> the URL you can't get to also behind the firewall?

> It sounds like a firewall or routing problem involving your address block.
> You need to do traceroutes in both directions between your machine and
> their nameserver.
Well, I'm in GT?'s address block and GT? configured it... so if this is true
then I'd better put a call in :) is the culprit in question.  Our
nameserver can't seem to query theirs, if my
memory is good.  And this is the nameserver holding the afforemetioned
If I use an identical machine in the same address block but outside the
firewall it works fine.  So routing is not an issue.  Firewall is number one
suspect atm.

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Jared H. Johnson, IS Engineer

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