Subdomains and MX record problem

Michael Delatte michael.delatte at
Tue Mar 14 18:11:18 UTC 2000


 I'm using a Redhat Linux as DNS server with Bind named 8.2.2-P3.

 I have a problem with a MX record when setting it up with subdomain.

The subdomain is "" with the following DB file :

@       IN      SOA     localhost.  (
                IN      NS
www     IN      A
ftp     IN      A
mail    IN      A
                MX      10
                IN      NS

 IP and are not those of the redhat DNS
server ... www is working fine, ftp also ... is right
(ping are OK) 

BUT, when trying to send email to the SMTP server "", it
failed because the resolution cannot find the MX for this domain name :
"" !

When trying a NSLOOKUP on, I get the following result

Default Server:

> set type=MX
        origin = localhost
        mail addr =
        serial = 816365606
        refresh = 28800 (8H)
        retry   = 14400 (4H)
        expire  = 3600000 (5w6d16h)
        minimum ttl = 86400 (1D)

 This is not a MX record output ... why ??? 

I have already tried with another line for the MX => " MX 	10"  but I get the same results

 I have made NSLOOKUP for some other computer with the same output

 all help welcome, thanks in advance

Michael Delatte
michael at

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