HELP: Reverse (PTR) lookup problems on domain name.

Barry Margolin barmar at
Wed Mar 15 18:33:26 UTC 2000

In article <F148C821ACB6D111AB4000A0249BC4CD5D1A91 at>,
Dan Herold  <drh at> wrote:
>If anyone could provide me with some clues as to why reverse lookups on
>"" and "" are failing, I would most appreciative.
>Are we missing a switch somewhere in BIND that enables this option?

Because PTR records are normally only put on reverse entries.  There's no
reason for their to be PTR records on or

>The output I'm expecting when performing a PTR lookup on our
>domain is something similar to what I see if I perform the same query on
>another domain, such as
>        origin =
>        mail addr =
>        serial = 2000031301
>        refresh = 10800 (3 hours)
>        retry   = 3600 (1 hour)
>        expire  = 604800 (7 days)
>        minimum ttl = 21600 (6 hours)
>Again, thank you for any help anyone may be able to offer.

I don't see the problem.  That didn't return a PTR record, either.  Newer
versions of BIND include the SOA record in a failing response -- it's part
of the negative caching protocol.  Older versions just return an empty
response.  If you upgrade to a recent version of BIND you'll
get an answer like that.

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