DNS for several different organisations

Harri harri.enlund at tietoenator.com
Wed Mar 15 10:58:10 UTC 2000


I have following dilemma:

Case: Need to establish DNS-service for several different organisations. I
have DNS-server for one organisation already (ns1.x.y) and it is also
authoritative for our own domain (dns.a.b)

Can I establish DNS-service for another organisation into same DNS-server
(ns1.x.y=dns.a.b) but so that those organisations can't see each other's
DNS-information? Furthermore I need to see both of those organisation's
DNS-information for our network monitoring purposes. Maybe the problem is
that we use the same DNS-server as one of our customer.

I realise I can install several DNS-servers but still those servers must not
see each other's DNS-information. Only our own DNS-server must be able to
see DNS-information of our customers.

harri.enlund at tietoenator.com

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