Secondary Server

Richard Barnes rbarnes at
Wed Mar 15 15:06:29 UTC 2000

>If I get it right, it's highly recomended to have a secondary DNS server.
>So I use !
>But what I don't like is that for each domain I add at my DNS server I have
>to add the same name at  It fells like unnessecary
>work to me....
>Is there a way to configure a secondary server to pull all the names from a
>primary server ?  So that you can leave that server alone and still be
>confident that the domainnames at the primary also exists at the secondary
>I have heard someone say this is possible, and someone its not ?  Whats the
>truth here ?

The only way I can think to do this has nothing to do with the DNS protocol
at all... You could write an expect script to ftp the named.conf file from
the MASTER to the SLAVE and make the approriate changes to the file (replace
"type master" with "type slave", etc...).  Then you could cron this expect
script to run however often you need...

I personally have an read-only NFS mount between my MASTER and SLAVE and
have a simple shell script croned to do the conversion for me...  Of course
I also have a firewall, and an ACL on my router prohibiting outsiders from
getting to my DNS servers on all unnecessary ports, so security is taken
care of for me...


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