SOA Minimum error

Thor Kottelin thor at
Thu Mar 16 08:44:23 UTC 2000

BIND Users Mailing List wrote:

> From: "Garry Jackson" <garry at>

> When I reboot my dns server in my logs I get no default ttl set using soa
> minimum instead.  What does this mean and how did I fix it.

This FAQ shouldn't need to be answered every day. There is such a thing as
lurking before posting.

> Also  how do
> you set up in dns a fall back for mailserver if like one fails.

By using multiple MX records pointing to different mail servers, e.g.:

$TTL	86400						; hint, hint
$ORIGIN	domain.example.
@	SOA	ns	hostmaster	(
		2000031601 8H 2H 7D 1D	)
		NS	ns
		NS	ns.isp.example.
		MX	10	smtp
		MX	20	smtp.isp.example.	; fallback
ns		A
smtp		A


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