Informational warning re RH6.2beta and Rawhide

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Thu Mar 16 13:57:51 UTC 2000

Somewhere around the RPM of 8.2.2.P5-6 to 8.2.2P5-9 on both the
Rawhide and 6.2Beta site RedHat has begun running Bind as user

ndc stats and dumpdb now no longer work. The message in
syslog says, ndc unable to open named.stats file and
the ndc dumpdb command pretends like it works but creates
no file(s).
If you have 8.2.2P5-1 stick with that for now. The dash number
only means the nth compile of the 8.2.2.P5 version. A bugzilla
report will be submitted by me (to RH).


Until you can smooze a vicious pit bull, I dont care what your
certificate says!

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