bind-8.2.2-p5 goes catatonic

Dave Wreski dave at
Thu Mar 16 17:06:32 UTC 2000

Hi all.  A month or two ago I reported a problem with bind-8.2.2-p5
running on Solaris 2.6 where it becomes unable to resolve even common
domains such as

Well, this problem has happened again, and this time I was able to dump
the database.  After looking thru it with my limited experience with
interpreting the information, I see there is no $ORIGIN entry for
YAHOO.COM, which really suprised me.

When trying to resolve, it appears to timeout, and report
server failed.  Other domains that are not currently in the database
are capable of being resolved, as are other common domains such as  After restarting named, it works fine.

I have a dump of the database both before and after.  If there was some
information I could provide to debug this problem further, I would love to
do it.

Thanks for any ideas,
Dave Wreski

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