problem delegating class C

Ramon Alvarez Rayo ralvarez at
Thu Mar 16 15:02:12 UTC 2000

is there any way  i can delegate the class C with out register it in cable
& wireless ?

At 12:17 a.m. 16/03/00 GMT, you wrote:
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>Ramon Alvarez Rayo  <ralvarez at> wrote:
>>i have problem delegating a class C, what i have to do to delegate a class
>>C, my named.conf have the following lines:
>>zone "" {
>>         type master;
>>         file "primario/252.rev";
>>}; =20
>>What i have to do to delegate the class c?
>The administrator of the zone (Cable & Wireless) has
>to add the following NS records to it:
>252  IN NS
>     IN NS
>     IN NS
>It looks like they only put the first one in, so they need to add the other
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