nslookup problems

Kihurani Gakuu kgakuu at desupernet.net
Fri Mar 17 06:21:07 UTC 2000

I'm running BIND version 8.2.1 on a Redhat Linux 6.1 system. This is on a
private network for testing purposes

When I run nslookup, I get the following error:

*** Can't find server name for address No reponse from server
*** Default servers are not available.

So, I pull up /etc/resolv.conf and comment out:

Then I "killall -HUP named" and try nslookup again.This time I get the
following + the interactive prompt:
Default server: Speedy

When I type speedy I get the following error: "speedy can't find speedy:no
response from server". This time I pull up /etc/resolv.conf and add
"nameserver" and restart named. I decided to run nslookup in
debugging level 1. I get the following:
"got answer"
blah blah blah

Default server : localhost
Address :

When I try to find localhost etc, "I get localhost can't find localhost:no
response from server".

When I try to load emacs to edit /etc/hosts, the file has been trashed and
can't be found. The same thing happened with /etc/resolv.conf( ihad to
recreate the files).

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I have very limited experience
with Linux and BIND, but I think this is bizarre.


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