named only lintening on interface

dhammanet dhammanet at
Fri Mar 17 09:27:05 UTC 2000

On 16 Mar 2000, Fabio Aleixo Santos wrote:

> I am setting up a secondary DNS server  on a linux slackware 3.5 box with
> kernel 2.0.36.
> I have other machine running OK as primary dns,  but the in the secondary it
> seems that the named is only listening to the local loopback interface.
> Also an nslookup from a session on the machine works great with as
> server , but when you specify server as being other interface
> (  it issues the following message :
> " *** can't find No response from server
> "

you forgot zone "" in named.conf.  also be sure to
add your secondary dns to the db files on your primary dns, i.e.
" IN NS stjames"

add to named.conf :

zone "" {
	type slave;
	file "200.210.128.db";
	masters {; };

also, _dns and bind_ from o'reilly says to just copy your 127.0.0.db from
the primary, nothing about changing it, but i don't know if this makes a


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