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Harri <harri.enlund at tietoenator.com> wrote:
>I have BIND 4.8.3 in my primary DNS-server. Doesn't it support

4.8.3 is almost prehistoric.  4.9.3 was released at least 4 years ago.

>"allow-query-method"? A couple of months ago I tried to update BIND-version

No, 4.8.3 doesn't support any form of access control.

>to which comes with HP-UX 10.20, I recall it was 4.9.3. After I'd updated
>the version some subdomain secondary DNS-servers failed to get
>DNS-information from main-domain-server. Also zone-file-transfers between
>subdomain-servers and primary-server started to fail. My primary is a
>forwarder for subdomain-servers.

>Our subdomain DNS-servers are from wide variety of different operating
>systems and BIND-versions and I had to down-date my primary DNS-server back
>to 4.8.3 in order to get everything functioning again.

Newer versions of BIND do more syntax checking of zone files.  You probably
have stuff in there that the old versions allowed but isn't allowed any
more.  You should fix the zone file problems, not stick with the ancient

>Do you think BIND 8 works better with different BIND-versions than 4.9.3? At
>least 4.8.3-version seems to work ok.

BIND 8 does even *more* checking than BIND 4.9.3 does.

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