memget errors in bindlog

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Sat Mar 18 00:30:33 UTC 2000

> We have a machine running bind 8.2.2p5 on solaris 7.  Although this
> machine is specifically used only for named, it is a primary for the
> company and gets slammed with queries hard.  It is an Ultra10 440 with a
> gig of RAM.  The problem is this:
> If I do not set the datasize for the cache, named will run to a certain
> point of memory (not exactly sure of how much, still trying to capture
> that data) size and just die.  It does not flush its own cache, (first
> in, first out) it just dies.

	See limit/ulimit for what the per process memory limit is set to.
	"options { datasize #; };" just sets that limit.

	Since you have 1G of memory why don't you just set the per process
	limit to 900M.  Also make sure you have enough swap to cope when named 
	forks to invoke named-xfer for incoming zone transfers.


> This is the error in the logs that we get:
> 22-Feb-2000 23:50:47.995 default: critical: savedata: memget
> 22-Feb-2000 23:50:47.995 panic: critical: savedata: memget
> 23-Feb-2000 16:44:29.201 default: critical: savedata: memget
> 23-Feb-2000 16:44:29.201 panic: critical: savedata: memget
> 27-Feb-2000 01:39:57.757 default: critical: savedata: memget
> 27-Feb-2000 01:39:57.757 panic: critical: savedata: memget
> If I set the datasize in the named.conf file, it will reach that size
> and die, but I have a cron job in place that checks if named is running
> every 5 minutes and restarts it if found to not be running.
> While that works, I would like to be able to actually heal this wound
> and not keep a bandaid on it.  Or at the very least, understand why it
> does this.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> D-.
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