caching-only DNS and forwarders

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Sat Mar 18 04:59:47 UTC 2000

>Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote in message
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> If you point to your ISP's servers, they're probably closer to you than
> root servers and the remote sites' servers.  They may also have the answer
> to your query cached because another customer already looked it up
> recently.  So instead of having to make several queries to distant
> you may get an answer with one query to a nearby server.
> On the other hand, this makes you dependent on your ISP's servers.  If
> they're not reliable, you would probably be better off letting your server
> do its own lookups.

I thought that I read something about this in DNS & BIND and it stated
that if the forward query failed from reaching the forwarding server, that
the local named server would then contact the root servers for the answer..
and that is setup would NOT be totatly dependent on the ISP servers..

but that there was also an option that would make the named server
FORWARD ONLY and never resolve via a root server... right?

Duane Cox
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