Granite Canyon, Is my DNS entry OK?

Steve Senator sts+bind-users at
Sat Mar 18 05:47:02 UTC 2000

The query you performed on proves
that it is serving the correct data for
If the domain isn't resolving when you use a standard
utility (like ping) but is when you're using dig then
 - You aren't using a DNS resolver library, and are using
   some other naming service (like NIS/YP or /etc/hosts).
   If you are on Solaris check /etc/nsswitch.conf.
   If you are on a BSD derivative, check /etc/host.conf
 - Your DNS resolver library is misconfigured.
 - Your DNS system is isolated from the public Internet.
 - The DNS server that your resolver library is configured
   to use is not reachable due to a routing blockage.

The above are more or less in order of likelihood of the

bayers at writes:
 > I recently entered in DNS info into the Public DNS at
 > I still can't ping  I can ping its static IP of
 > fine.
 > Here's what I get from nslookup.
 > taurus:/ > nslookup
 > Server:
 > Address:
 > Name:
 > Address:
 > I have entered in the name servers on  Does it take
 > time to distribute the info to other servers?
 > TIA,
 > - Jim
 > Sent via
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