Domain without own IP?

Johnno johnno at
Sun Mar 19 01:22:31 UTC 2000

Pierre Ghaffari <Pierre at> wrote:

> how must I configure the DNS, if the domain doesn't have an own IP-adress?

> For example I have a server with one IP and want to host several domains on
> it, which point to different directories.

If you have a machine with one IP address, but you wish to set up multiple
virtual Web servers on it, you need to set up what's known as name-based

What that means is that the Web server will determine what content to
deliver, based on the URL requested in the HTTP GET headers.  Note that this
is a feature of HTTP 1.1, so it won't work with jurassic browsers.

If you are running Apache?  If so, it can be quite easily set up to use
name-based hosting.

At a DNS level, for each Web site you host, all you need to do is point a
single A record at your machine's IP address in each zone file, like this:

www        IN    A

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