Moderated bind list?

Thor Kottelin thor at
Mon Mar 20 09:16:34 UTC 2000

BIND Users Mailing List wrote:

> From: Barry Margolin <barmar at>

> In article <38D35113.F6FACE76 at>, Thor Kottelin  <thor at> wrote:
> >Would there be any chance of making this one moderated? I'd favor that,
> >even if it would mean removing the Usenet gateway I believe exists. The
> >digest I receive is often over 100 kB in size, so I'd be happy to get rid
> >of junk such as FAQs, excessive quoting, and unsubscribe requests.
> Are you volunteering to moderate it?

I guess yes, as one member of a moderation board. I'm on a dial-up
connection, so unfortunately the quality of service I would be able to
provide by myself would be quite low.


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