named 8.2.2-p5 crash

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Mon Mar 20 14:49:40 UTC 2000

-On [20000320 14:40], Mark.Andrews at (Mark.Andrews at wrote:
>> -On [20000320 13:25], Mark.Andrews at (Mark.Andrews at wro
>> te:
>> >
>> >	It is a known bug fixed in BIND 8.2.3 (in alpha test).
>> >	It is triggered by removing a zone while there is an outstanding
>> >	notify queued.
>> Don't have the time at this moment to get the 8.2.3 code base and see
>> what has changed, but do you happen to know how big the patch would be
>> for 8.2.2-p5 to not dump core on this mistake/error?
>	There is not much to it, but I don't have it as a seperate
>	patch.  It's intergated with other changes though it would not
>	be that hard to pull the changes out if you wanted to do that.
>	See ns_stopnotify().

Ok, sorry if this sounds dense.

But where can I find the sources (tarball or cvs) for 8.2.3?  I just
scrounged the site/ftp and can't find it.

Thanks in advance,

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