Domain without WWW. not working

Johnno johnno at
Mon Mar 20 10:01:05 UTC 2000

<Administrator at> wrote:

> > > Hello, I am trying to debug my RR info at granite canyon. When
> > > I type in it resolves to the correct IP, but if
> > > I type in it does not.

> > The zone file for your domain needs an entry like the following
> > (replace the bogus IP address with your real one):
> >
> > www        IN    A

> Or,
> www IN CNAME

Yep, that'll work.

I generally tend to avoid using CNAMEs unless it makes sense to do so.

The above scenario is a legitamte use of a CNAME.

I generally don't give root domains an A record (unless specifically asked to
do so), in which case I always point www records to an IP address.

Johnno (johnno at

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