Purging dynamic zones

Robert.Weber at Colorado.EDU Robert.Weber at Colorado.EDU
Mon Mar 20 19:41:40 UTC 2000

	I'm using Bind 8.2.2P5 on a solaris box and tring to make a
dynamic zone for W2K to use.  We have choosen to manage A,MX,CNAME,HINFO
records through one of our existing tools and use a perl script to make
the dynamic updates.  One problem seem to be getting me.  The Zone is
updated nightly from a database program used by 50+ admins accross the
campus.  The way I'm doing the updates now is with a:

prereq yxrrset pita.ad.colorado.edu. in a 
update delete  pita.ad.colorado.edu. in a 
prereq yxrrset pita.ad.colorado.edu. in hinfo 
update delete pita.ad.colorado.edu. in HINFO   
update add  pita.ad.colorado.edu. 85000 in A
update add pita.ad.colorado.edu. 85000 in HINFO   "various" " "

For the Host pita, making sure that it's a,HINFO records are always
fresh.  The problem comes when someone changes pita's name to gyros and
the the a and HINFO records for pita are stuck in the zone since no
record of "pita" exists once the name is changed.  Is there any way to
"purge" all the A records, MX records, etc. from a dynamic zone so it can
be re-built from scratch?  If so I could purge and rebuild the zone
nightly rather than trying to make another program that gets all the
deleted and changed hostnames from a days work and cleans up.

						Robert Weber
						Univeristy of Colorado 

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