Notify intervals

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 20 21:51:13 UTC 2000

>>>>> "David" == DeChellis, David <DDeChellis at> writes:

    David> Hello, I would like to configure my Bind server to send out
    David> notifies every 10 seconds.  So, if it's configured to
    David> notify servers dns1 dns2 and dns3, it will wait ten seconds
    David> between each notify packet.  I can't seem to find this in
    David> the code anywhere.

I'd recommend that you leave the handling of NOTIFY messages to the
name server. What makes you think you need to send them every 10

    David> Where can this be configured?

It can't. If you want this feature, you'll have to hack the code and
maintain your hack forever more. This wouldn't seem to give a good
result for cost/benefit analysis. If you *really* must have this
feature, see src/bin/named/ns_notify.c.

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