Problems loading zones with 8.2.2P5 (and probs communicating with 8.2.2P3)

J. H. usenetspamtrap at
Mon Mar 20 21:37:50 UTC 2000

I have two questions:

First,  I had to upgrade one of our machines from 8.2.2P3 to 8.2.2P5 (Redhat
RPM, and Debian .deb) because I could not resolve domains on a remote
nameserver (that was using 8.2.2P5).  My machines running RH 5.2 worked fine
with P3.  This may just be a Redhat packaging issue, and things work now so
I'm not as concerned about it, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

My main problem is that my RH6.0 server, running 8.2.2P5, won't load any
zones.  I can't seem to get any errors out of it, and it is using the same
conf file that it was using before the update.  A named-xfer will transfer
the domain in without a hitch.  I don't really know anything about
troubleshooting bind, so any ideas about how to determine the problem, where
to get errors, etc would be much appreciated.

Email responses would be appreciated; I'm not certain that I will be able to
check the newsgroup in a timely fashion.  The email address listed does


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