Ignoring unqualified MX's ?

M.Ashcraft at epixtech.com M.Ashcraft at epixtech.com
Tue Mar 21 16:28:08 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin wrote:
>In article <20000321133850.B16823 at tfj.rnd.uni-c.dk>,
>torben fjerdingstad  <unitfj-bind at tfj.rnd.uni-c.dk> wrote:
>>One of our customers has had a lot of mail loops because
>>a spammer has this in his return-path:
>>Return-path: info at internet.net
>>The problem with that is:
>>$ host -t mx internet.net
>>internet.net            MX      5 localhost
>>Is it possible to make bind discard that information without
>>creating a local master zone file for the bogus zone?

>I know of no way to make BIND ignore it.  Maybe there's some way to make
>your mailer ignore it, though.

Sendmail 8.9 /etc/mail/access add the line

internet.net   DISCARD

For more details see the sendmail list or web site.

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