Secondary nameserver in Europe?

DNS Administrator dnsadmin at
Tue Mar 21 21:03:19 UTC 2000

See and follow the link for "DNS secondary service exchange".  That
should get you where you need to go.

The secondary server will need a slave entry for your domain in their named.conf with your IP
as the master.

Finally, in order for this to be in any way useful, you must update your domain record with
your registrar and list the secondary in your listed name servers.

Al Myska

Joakim Schramm wrote:

> I'm in need of getting an external secondary nameserver and have found
> as being an free option for this. However those server
> are very far away as I'm in Europe, so is there anyone out there who
> knows about a similar service in the European area? If I don't remember
> wrong I belive I sometime have seen something about "a secondary
> exchange" service/pool or something like it, but can't find my way back.
> Anyone knows?
> Also when I extenda a zone with a secondary, does this have to be
> explicity reported to the domains domain record, or will this propagate
> on its own and automaticly?
> /Joakim
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