domain gone missing, in whois, not in root servers

B.J. Sanaee bjsanaee at
Wed Mar 22 05:17:15 UTC 2000

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Scott Bertilson wrote:

>   One of our domains which seems to look just fine from the
> perspective of "whois" (see below) comes up non-existent when
> we query the root servers.  This is not a new domain.  I
> might have believed that we forgot to renew it, but I'd have
> thought I'd see some evidence of that in the "whois".

  Once upon a time, the whois output did explicitly mention it if a domain
was on hold, but that was discontinued some time ago. The "record created"
and "record last updated" fields are still pretty good clues in any case.


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