GraniteCanyon DNS Entry Question

Wayne acebathound at
Wed Mar 22 01:43:59 UTC 2000


I've been working on getting my DNS entries set up at PublicDNS and
wanted to make sure it looked ok.  I forwarded their confirmation back
(without any quoting), but didn't get any reply I forward
everything in their email or just my DNS entry?

Anyway, here it is.  I never did anything with DNS stuff before..I'm
looking into purchasing the DNS & Bind book though :)


; Name Servers  IN  NS  IN  NS

; Owner Information  IN RP  IN TXT "Console Classics"  IN A            IN A        IN CNAME        IN CNAME
;mail           IN CNAME      IN MX 10


I'm also not sure of web hosting..when they say you're going to
"transfer to our servers for free," are you actually going with whatever
registrar they're affiliated with?  I'd like to keep the current rate I
have for the name.  Sorry if that question is off-topic, but I tried
signing up for webprovider's $4.95/month offer (and transfer of domain
for free), and they said they were sending a form to Internic or Network
Solutions.. I'd rather host on my own computer than have to change

I'm probably eventually going to set up a BSD box out at college to run
a DNS server, but for now I'm going to try granitecanyon's (providing I
didn't just get switched over to a $35/yr rate with trying to sign up
with  *sigh*

Thanks for any help!  I really appreciate it!


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