Doh: Lame server on '' (in ''?) , plus some security stuff.

Lincoln Yeoh lyeoh at
Wed Mar 22 14:38:33 UTC 2000

On 21 Mar 2000 12:24:55 -0800, "D. J. Bernstein"
<75628121832146-bind at> wrote:

>Lincoln Yeoh writes:
>> Maybe it's time for someone to do a "Qmail" of BIND. 
>Guess what?

>The DNScache package comes with exactly the defaults you're looking for:

Doh.. You're everywhere! Hey how about you do a Qmail of Windows 9x too ;).
Just kidding- better to do 10000 other things...

Seriously though, I must have seen it before, but I think it didn't occur
to me that DNScache provided most other DNS services as well. Maybe you
should call the package something else other than DNScache. Maybe in
another install when I've checked it out. I have to figure out how to get
daemon tools running too.

I can't use your webserver - CGI is a must. Many people using CGI nowadays.
I personally use FastCGI which is fast and does open up quite some
possibilities for increased security (seems possible to have a script
chrooted and running as a low permissions user)  but I haven't really had
time to look into that. Probably should have a separate program to start up
and monitor a script(s).


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