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Wed Mar 22 19:02:31 UTC 2000

You need to configure sendmail to accept mail for

Look at your file (typicaly /etc/mail/

Near the top there is a line that starts with Cw or a line that starts with
If you have a Cw line add to the end of that line
If you have a line that starts with Fw it will reference a file you can add to (on a new linein the refereneced file)


Mike Ashcraft, Sr. Network Engineer
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                    "Cary Wells"                                                                                   
                    <toxik at v-wave        To:     comp-protocols-dns-bind at                        
                    .com>                cc:                                                                       
                    Sent by:             Subject:     second domain                                                
                    news at burn.ab.                                                                                  
                    10:13 AM                                                                                       

I have a static ip from my ip that i do not have reverse on.  I have setup
one domain "" on it and all is well I am using granitecanyon
as my primary because of errors i got when first trying to get it all
it ll works now so i left it like this.  I got a second domain yesterday
"", a gaming site if you all care, and tried to setup my box
a primary for it and granitecanyon as a secondary.  I think I have it all
setup properly as my box and my masqd clients seem to work properly with it
but if i am at the console on the linux box and try to mail anything on the
new i get a strange mx looping error.

Mar 22 10:04:46 toxik sendmail[4477]: KAA04475: SYSERR(root): config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)

here is my puredeath.db  43200   IN      SOA
                151323667 21600 10800 604800 43200 )
        43200   IN      NS
        43200   IN      NS
        43200   IN      NS
        43200   IN      RP
        43200   IN      MX      10

ftp     43200   IN      CNAME
mail    43200   IN      CNAME
localhost       43200   IN      A
root    43200   IN      TXT     "Cary Wells, RIPE NIC handle: toxik"
www     43200   IN      CNAME
ns      43200   IN      A

this was copied and changed from the file granitecanyon xfered for, it works so ithought a little editting would make this

any help would be appreciated

ps. if you are wondering who is it is the isps name for my
static ip


Cary Wells
toxik at
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