Dynamic IP and CNAME to other host

Jonathan.Schwarz at slb7.atl.mindspring.net Jonathan.Schwarz at slb7.atl.mindspring.net
Sun Mar 19 02:53:38 UTC 2000

I am hosting my site on my own dial-up connection, with an IP address
that changes every time I dial up. I have used dyndns.org dynamic dns
as a domain, but I want to use my own domain name. Using Granite
Canyon, I have done this

*.example.com. IN  CNAME  example.dyndns.org.  ; EXTREF GLOBALOK

This allows me to redirect my domain name to my dyndns account, which
I can easily update quickly.

However, because of the '*' in my RR, www.example.com or
test.example.com will both work, but not example.com

If I try to leave out the *, like this

example.com. IN  CNAME  example.dyndns.org.  ; EXTREF GLOBALOK

I get an error from Granite Canyon saying 
"nscheck: zone may not be redefined with a CNAME"
Since I don't have a static IP address, I can't use 

example.com. IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

which is what one would normally do.

Any ideas, other than not to use example.com, and just use


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