Private Public DNS question

Jared Johnson jared.johnson at
Wed Mar 22 23:24:04 UTC 2000

I posted the same problem, as well as a couple other people and a correct
answer hasn't been found to my knowledge.  It's just some sites (mine being
secure servers like and's login as well).  My solution was to put a forwarders { };
statement in the named.conf to the NS in the DMZ or at the ISP to handle
these few exceptions, but an answer would be nice.

I've checked the Firewall config (Checkpoint's FW1 patch5) and opened up
full access (temporarily) to the internal NS and it still didn't work.  And
yes, I have checked the DNS tcp and udp allow in both the preferences and
the security tabs:) and nothing gets logged either inbound or outbound.  I'm
building another server and going to try static NAT vs. hide NAT to see if
this is the problem.  Any other suggestions welcomed.

TECSTAR Inc.,  Applied Solar Division
Information Technology Support Center
Jared H. Johnson, IS Engineer

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