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Wed Mar 22 23:42:09 UTC 2000

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 <vladimirs at> wrote:
>Certain commercial sites ( and do not like replying to
>low port # DNS queries.  The symptom is that most external DNS queries work
>except for these sites.  The issue is caused by FW-1 NATing the DNS query
>(which defaults from port 53) to a low port address.  Apple and WorldCom DNS
>servers do not like this and the queries time out.  
>The problem can be resolved by setting DNS' "Query Source Address" from the
>default port of 53 to a high port, like 1053.  This setting is located under
>DNS properties, Configuration (I am using Meta IP product from Checkpoint
>Software Technologies). When the query hits the FW-1, it gets NATed to a
>higher port address.  This works wonderfully with apple, wcom and everyone

This seems very strange.  The purpose of "query-source port 53" is to make
BIND 8 act like BIND 4 did.  If what you're saying is true, sites that are
still using BIND 4 nameservers (if not the majority, certainly a large
number) would not be able to look up names in those domains.  I think this
is extremely unlikely, especially for a high-visibility site like

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