BIND 4.9.7 and listening on multiple interfaces

Joe Price jprice at
Thu Mar 23 00:27:19 UTC 2000

I'm running the BIND 4.9.7 that ships with OpenBSD 2.6 and I can't seem
to get it to listen on my internal (192.x.x.x) network, it has no
problem on my external (24.x.x.x). I'm using the -u option to run it as
the user named and according to the docs..

<snip src="named man page">
       -u     Specifies the user the server should run  as  after
              it  initializes.  The value specified may be either
              a username or a numeric user ID.  If the -g flag is
              not  specified,  then the group ID used will be the
              primary group of the user  specified  (initgroups()
              is  called,  so  all  of  the user's groups will be
              available to the server).
              Note: normally, named will rescan the active Ether-
              net interfaces when it receives SIGHUP.  Use of the
              -u option makes this impossible since  the  default
              port  that named listens on is a reserved port that
              only the superuser may bind to.
</snip> seems that if I use the -u option it does rescan the active
Note that named drops no error messages regarding this.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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