Private Public DNS question

Jared Johnson jared.johnson at
Thu Mar 23 00:44:20 UTC 2000

> I'm the hostmaster for the domain.  I get one or two
> messages a month on this topic.  Invariably they're doing the default
> NAT on a Checkpoint FW-1 setup.
Yes I am.

> I am running mostly BIND-8 servers mimicking BIND-4 behavior until we
> redo our firewalls.  I'm using the below option to keep the BIND-4
> behavior on the BIND-8 servers.
>          query-source address * port 53;
> Once I explain to them what I think the problem is, they usually stop
> NATting the the DNS queries and go to a forwarding setup.
Yes I did.

CP tech support should have this ranked higher because the two support calls
a little over 3 weeks ago, before I knew what I was looking for, kept being
shifted higher up the support chain with no correct answers back (still to
this day) until the 3rd call and I had to tell them the solution was on
there web site, just not obvious.  So if you're reading this Checkpoint:)

TECSTAR Inc.,  Applied Solar Division
Information Technology Support Center
Jared H. Johnson, IS Engineer

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