Looking for multi-customer DNS system for an ISP

Steve's Account stevel at hub.fern.com
Thu Mar 23 03:53:35 UTC 2000

>It is web-driven, available for NT and several flavours of UNIX and any of
>them can manage services of all the other supported types, is completely
>BIND compliant, covers BIND from 4.9.x through 8.2.2, has a very nice GUI,
>is intuitive (assuming you have some knowledge of the principles and
>concepts of DNS), handles ALL the creation and updating of all zone files
>and config files automatically, and can be configured on a service level to
>allow clients to see or change only specific objects in the database (which
>means they can only manage their own stuff once you lock them out of
>everything else).

Is it possible to run your product in a Unix only arena? (Do I remember
correctly that the front end requires NT? We just don't run NT at all, for
ANY reason.)


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