Delegation of CIDR Block

Bob Vance bobvance at
Mon Feb 12 17:36:26 UTC 2001

Are you paying this ISP ?!

IMHO, this is ridiculous.
It's definitely better (for you) for you to be master.

I think that they should allow you to be master and they should be
secondary, if that's what you want.

OTOH, I don't work for an ISP ;>)

I would be interested in hearing legitimate reasons why an ISP might be
reluctant to do this -- it's certainly not hard to implement, and can
even be done *without* a new delegation from them or a new zone in your

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Hi list users,

My ISP is doing some headache to me. I run pri and sec dns (bind 8.2.3)
reverse and forward lookup in a 28Bit Subnet. Because of ISP that does not
want to take over delegation of this CIDR block, reverse lookup does not
work really good. Instead of only my 28 Bit CIDR subnet I do the reverse
lookup in for 24 Bit Subnet.
My ISP does not want to delegate the CIDR block, they want to do the reverse
lookup for me. And most they would like if they could do both, reverse and
forward lookup. Because of two reasons I do not have in mind to leave
anything up to them. 1. Studying purposes, 2nd I  don't trust them (looked
up over their dns with my bind forwarder. After 3 days their dns didn't do
any lookups anymore.).

Is there a work-around for my problem in a manner that I'll keep both,
forward and reverse lookup?

Thank you.


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