SV: BIND 9.1.2 and TinyDNS???

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Jun 21 21:00:06 UTC 2001

Matt Simerson wrote:

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> > I think your criticisms of BIND 9's memory management are a little
> premature,
> > since graceful-handling-of-out-of-resource-conditions is on the
> upcoming-feature
> > list. When it's done, you may find that it is actually comparable to or
> superior
> > to that of tinydns.
> I don't think it's premature at all. I did lots of testing over the last
> couple months and BIND 9 crashes in exactly the same way as BIND 8 does when
> I run it out of memory.

Actually, it probably crashes a *different* way: multiple threads are crashing
instead of just one :-)

> Having it on the feature list doesn't make it work
> any better today and that's the state I can test against. If the BIND 9 code
> was bearing (as it should) designations like version 9.0.0b38 then that
> argument could certainly be understandable. However, it's bearing release
> numbers and I don't think it's unfair or premature to treat it as such.

So your criticism basically boils down to a beef with ISC's release numbering
scheme (???)

- Kevin

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