UNIX BIND Server & W2000 DNS Server

Barry Finkel b19141 at achilles.ctd.anl.gov
Thu Mar 1 15:13:45 UTC 2001

Christian Krackowizer <ckrackowiz at std.schuler-ag.com> added to my posting:

>Add: if you have 3 AD-DNS servers, you have 3 primary. You can see this
>when checking the SOA on each server.
>The clients direct their update to the list of their servers in the order
>you've specified it. So if the first is down, it will be the second etc ...
>but only one server will be used. This is the same as for clients on Unix -
>they always take the first living and stay happy with him forever ...

If I have three AD-DNS servers, what should be in the AD-integrated 
zone SOA for the name of the master DNS?  Do I pick one of the three
servers and denote it the master, and put its name in the SOA?
Or do I treat each of the three as co-equals, and have each one
refer to itself as the master?  If I do the latter, then I have three
copies of the zone with the same information (ignoring my open
trouble ticket with MS concerning serial number differences) but each
with a different master listed in the SOA.  As the SOA is part of the
zone, have I now violated any DNS RFC by having more than one copy
of the zone with the same serial number but different master names?
My initial feeling is that if the SOA's do not match, then the zones
are not the same.

Another somewhat related point that we are pursuing with MS:
I want my Win2k DNS server to be a "hidden master".  I explicitly do
NOT include an NS record for that server in the zone properties of
all zones mastered on that DNS.  But MS will automatically add NS
records for all of the DNS servers running on AD DCs.
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