windows lookups

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Mar 1 23:57:55 UTC 2001

What does your named.conf look like? In particular, do you have any settings
related to recursion?

- Kevin

fnord wrote:

> I apologize if this appears twice, but I posted it 7 hours ago and it hasn't
> yet appeared on the server.
> I'm trying to set up bind on a redhat 6.2 box. I can do digs and nslookups
> on or on *any* address set up in my zone file, but I cannot look
> up external addresses even though my /etc/named.conf is pointing to a
> file which is current and readable and sitting right where it
> should be.
> What is also strange is that I can do nslookups on this box from external
> linux boxes, but *not* from windows boxes....
> Can anyone point me to where I might find the problem? I'm completely
> stumped....
> thanks,
> fnord

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