FW: bind9 questions

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Fri Mar 2 00:08:32 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Moseley <Timothy.Moseley at hurlburt.af.mil> writes:

    Timothy> I deleted the zones to check transfers
    Timothy> were happening just like I always did before running
    Timothy> bind8 only this time no transfers and since there was no
    Timothy> reason to be overly cautious w/ this box I did not think
    Timothy> you had to use those key statements but I guess if you
    Timothy> want bind9 to do zone transfer then you really don't have
    Timothy> a choice in the matter or so I get from Mr. Reid.

Eh? I told you that you had to use rndc if you wanted to manage a
BIND9 server and that this required key{} statements in named.conf and
rndc.conf, just like it says in the documentation. You also needed a
controls{} statement in named.conf. That's documented too. It is
possible to run a BIND9 server without these things: it's just not
very useful because the only think that can be done with the server is
to stop it by killing the process. I also told you that the keys and
control channel had no bearing whatsoever on zone transfers.

As for your claim that zone transfers don't work, you have presented
no evidence at all supporting this. I gave you a list of things to
check. So far you've not said anything about whether you have carried
out those tests or what they have shown. So if you want help, present
the facts: my config file is ...., the logs say ...., when I do ....,
querying the server dig shows ... You've not done this

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