newbie question

Daniel Kirk dkirk at
Fri Mar 2 21:04:29 UTC 2001

hi there,

I've spent over a day reading materials on Bind and it seems simple enough
but there are a couple of points which are really really confusing me.

I have my own server with 1 ip address hosted by an ISP.  I want my server
to be the Primary & Secondary DNS servers for my domain.

I am (quietly confident that I'm) running named.

If I were to change my name servers with internic, I should specify my
Primary DNS server having the IP of my machine (right?).  But what do I use
as the name of the machine?

Say my machine is called (where is the name of my ISP), and I
want to host the domain  I want my Primary dns server to
be and my secondary server to be, and
for to use these dns servers.  Is that possible, or do I
need to have using different name servers before I can setup
dns0 &

If my machine is called (Where is the name of my ISP), how do
I go about naming my name server that is apparently running?

Hope these questions make sense, I think I'm not too far away but am just
confused by a few simple things



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