Differences from bind 8.2.x to 9.x

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Fri Mar 2 02:56:13 UTC 2001

There are no known vulnerabilities in 8.2.3, so why not stick with that for a

As for migration issues, look at doc/misc/migration in the BIND 9

- Kevin

Mike wrote:

> I recently started working for this company and within a week of working
> here there was already a break in. It was easy to spot since they were
> using an insecure version of bind, but I wasn't able to upgrade to a
> version higher then 8.2.3 because they other admin. is scared of
> incompatibilities and learning something new. I was hoping that someone
> could help me out on how much has changed from 8.2 to 9.x. What would I
> need to change on my servers if this upgrade was possible? And is it simple
> to do? All of our servers our Redhat 7.0 with bind 8.2.3 running on it.
> Thanks.

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