does AD need to have any DNS functionality?

Farid Hamjavar hamjavar at
Sat Mar 3 03:19:04 UTC 2001

Last year we created a  small  test  bed  with  several
systems trying to see if we can install AD on a win2k.

We're still not anywhere meaningful!  I  have  a  basic
question.   Our  goal  is  to  bring up a win2k with AD
functionality.  Just because we want to  have  a  win2k
box  with AD functionality does it mean that that win2k
box needs to have  DNS  functionality  itself  (at  any

Can anyone confirm that answer is no so  go  ahead  and
wipe the DNS off that win2k.

Or if on the other hand, the answer is yes, can  anyone
confirm  that win2k box we like to configure to have AD
needs to be a  DNS  server  of  a  given  address-space
(i.e.  subdomain)?

Thanks, Farid UNM

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