BIND 9.1.0 Views and Slave

Will Hargrave will at
Sun Mar 4 02:22:03 UTC 2001

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Paul Lieberman wrote:

> I setup views for internal and external access on my master server as in
> the docs and it works great. However on my slave server the external
> view file has everything from the internal view.
> Anyone have any experience in configuring the slave server when using
> views?


I asked on the list some days ago, but I got no reply.
Eventually I just cheated, created a ns-update user with read rights to
/var/named/*, setup sshd, and wrote a shell script that runs from cron
every 2 hours, grabs the entire zone tree (I have subdirs int_view and
ext_view), and replaces the zonefiles on the "secondary". It then runs
rndc to reload.

Appears to work, and also means the config files are the same.

If anyone wants copies of scripts, etc, email me. It's not rocket science

This does seem a recurring problem....

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