Question on documentation (TTL or not TTL, that is the question....)

James A Griffin agriffin at
Sun Mar 4 17:58:04 UTC 2001

David Tonhofer wrote:
> Question on documentation....
> I've been reading DNS&BIND 3rd edition (I understand the 4th is not yet off
> the presses). There seems to be a bit of a clash in the SOA record
> definition.
> Did it change from BIND8 to BIND9 (can't imagine)?
> On p.90 the Book says that the last value in the SOA record is the 'minimum
> TTL'
> which is described as the minimum time a record lives in a caching server's
> cache (which is also what says)

You will want to review rfc2308, Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS
NCACHE), which updates 1034 and 1035.

Your observation about the comments in Slave BIND 9 name servers created
database files, suggest that a note/patch to the namedroppers list might
be in order.

I suspect that the comment is just an oversight.


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