Modifications result named-xfer under BIND9

Mark.Andrews at Mark.Andrews at
Sun Mar 4 23:06:14 UTC 2001

	BIND 4 and BIND 8 leak data between zones.  This is a BUG in BIND 4
	and BIND 8 and in unavoidable due to the internal data structure
	used.  BIND 9 was specifically designed to eliminate this bug.


> Dear admins,
> When someone asked a named-xfer under bind8 he received also the NS RR in the
>  zonefile for all subdomains this server was autoritative for. This feature s
> eems not to work anymore under BIND9. All subdomains must be defined with NS 
> RR explicitely in the zone file, the information is not added. 
> Is this a new or normal behaviour of bind 9. Can we add some option to enable
>  this feature ??
> Regards
> Roland Vlerick
> Siemens Business Services Belgium
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